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Pizza Cono Cone Shop Coming to Pittsburgh?

Dan TallaricoComment

In Squirrel Hill there’s finally pizza innovation. This is an area so saturated with pizza places it’s impossible to walk a block without accidentally swallowing a slice. And now innovation in pizza eating

They said it couldn’t be done. That pizza would always be triangular. Or rectangular. That you had to go vertical if you wanted to change the pizza game. “You can always build up” they said. But don’t tell that to Pizza Cono.

The other day I got this distress call from andreadisaster

“Pizza not flat anymore…” is their motto. Everyone is baffled by this. 

Pizza at its core is flat. We all know that. It’s a disc that you toss in the air. It’s what pizzaiolo’s do in Naples 24/7. It’s how they power their city. 

But Pizza Cono is bringing the pizza cone craze to Pittsburgh.  But where did the pizza cono craze start? Why Pittsburgh? Why now?

I’m still trying to solve that pizza cone mystery. In the mean time, I’ve reached out to a distributor of pizza cone technology with a few questions. The company is Husmak and they want pizza to be a cone.

I sent Husmask an email hoping they could tell me they’re expanding into the United States from Europe. This is their response:

Dear Sir,
Thanking for your email about Pizza Cone concept.
To your knowledge, yes we have several equipments sold to US.
But we cannot say if opening in Pittsburgh is our equipments.
Anyway, you can write me email and will be glad to reply.
Your faithfully
Abbas Najar
customer rep.
I’ve sent them a few more questions about this concept, I hope to hear back from them soon.
In the mean time, begin the pizza cone fantasy.