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Interview With a Pizza Cone Distributor

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Yesterday, my story about a possible pizza cone restaurant opening up in Pittsburgh blew up larger than a dough ball injected with too much yeast. You may have even read about it on the Post-Gazette’s food blog.

There isn’t much new information about the pizza cone concept, but I do have a brief interview with a pizza cone technology distributor. I actually got a contact from this company, Husmak, a few months ago in my Tumblr inbox. I disregarded it, thinking the pizza cone would never be in my grasp. How wrong I was.

I reached out to my contact at Husmak and asked him a few questions. 

How long has Husmak been making pizza cone technology? Where did it originate?
We are manufacturer of food processing equipments for 3 decades. We have been producing Pizza cone equipments since year 2005. Pizza cone was introduced in Italy in  2000.
What can you put in a pizza cone? How is it different than regular ol’ pizza? Is it made for the on-the-go pizza experience?
Pizza cone is just like a regular pizza in terms of recipe.
You may create any type of recipe such as veg, non veg, sea etc..
Is this mainly popular in Italy? 
Pizza cone is popular every where in the world. Even in the Philippines you can find  restaurants of pizza cones.
So what’s the major difference? Is it like Neapolitan pizza in cone form?
The only difference is, regular pizza has much of dough so you have much feelings of dough. Whereas, pizza cone has very thin layer of dough and that makes pizza cone tastier. Pizza cone makes the ingredients feel abundant.

There ya go.  I’ve sent a few more questions, but this should whet your appetite. I’m very interested in tasting one of these, especially if the ingredients are made more abundant. 

With a thinner crust, an abundance of ingredients, and a good grip, it seems like the ideal pizza experience for the traveler. Many times I’ve walked down sidewalks trying to eat a fresh slice out of a pizza box I just purchased from Mineo’s. I’m sure I looked like a meager dog trying to get that hunk of meat out from a dumpster. 

Pathetic but lovable.

This pizza cone contraption will surely solve that problem. And never again will we have to look like pizza eating fools in Squirrel Hill.

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