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Introducing Pizza Perfume to Spray Onto Your loved Ones

Dan TallaricoComment

Are you happy? Are you finally satisfied? The stink of pizza has been bottled and is ready to spray onto you or your significant other. Luckily, the NY Daily News is on it.

It looks like a bottle was sent to their office where they spent the better part of the day spraying and smelling each other. Reviews range from “great if you want to smell like garlic” to smells of “cold, leftover pizza.”

You can buy the pizza perfume on Demeter’s website. But why? I supposed you’d want to smell like pizza when:

  • You’re on a first date at your favorite pizza parlor and you want to mask the scent of your nervousness. 
  • You’re inside a pizza sleeping bag, but want it to smell like an old pizza cave.
  • You’re going to a Pizza Underground concert.
  • You’re reading your favorite pizza blog.

I’ve reached out to the CEO for more of a comment on this. Let’s hope he gets back to me.