Anonymous said: Oh my god the name of your blog. I'm here doing outreach for an article about pizza restaurants in PGH and I'm supposed to ask you to link to it, but I don't even want to anymore. Cool blog, good job, I'll see myself out!

Ok cool, thanks for stopping by. 

Anonymous said: What is the best new york style pizza in Pittsburgh? You should check out Pizza Al's if you ever pass through Morgantown, WV.

I think Fazio’s Pizza does a great NY style pizza. I have a neighbor who grew up in the NYC area and for a long time grumped around Pittsburgh upset he couldn’t find a good NYC slice. 

I took him to Fazio’s and with every slice he ate he became less and less grumpy. The one trick is that you have to ask for it to be made New York Style. They’ll take a medium-sized dough ball and stretch it into a large. 

In honor of National Cheese Pizza Day, here’s a few cheese pizzas I’ve eaten in the past few months.

In order:

Chad’s Pizza Den
Pizza Brain
Pizza Boat
Café in Italy
Another cafe in Italy
Sottocasa in Brooklyn
A place in Philadelphia 


This image is from the greatest pizza website ever, Slice!

That’s right. Today is National Cheese Pizza Day. Its origins are unclear, but its meaning certainly is. I know what you’re thinking: “How did National Cheese Pizza Day sneak up on me so fast this year?” Well, we have busy lives…

What kind of world do we live in that every day is not National Cheese Pizza Day?

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Who’s hungry for a Pizza Zine?

Who’s hungry for a Pizza Zine?

Visited the pizzabrains Pizza Museum a while ago. Detailed report and video coming soon.

Visited the pizzabrains Pizza Museum a while ago. Detailed report and video coming soon.

It seems you can’t toss a slice of pizza without hitting one these days.

It seems you can’t toss a slice of pizza without hitting one these days.

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Push for Pizza - an iPhone app that simplifies the pizza ordering process. hit a button and order a pizza. You can order a plain pizza or a pepperoni pizza, but it’s a start.

Looking forward to more disruption in the pizza tech scene. 

Pizza Box Art Show at Spak Brothers Pizza with Common Wealth Press

This Friday, August 1, if you order a medium pizza from Spak Brothers pizza you’ll receive a limited edition pizza box with a screen print by one of four Common Wealth Press artists: Mark Bogacki, Everyday Balloons, Dan Rugh, and Keith Caves.

Pizza boxes are unique and the perfect canvas to paint on. Your art reaches nearly everyone, and it provides some joy to the pizza enthusiasts who has something nice to look at in their passenger seat as they drive home to live out their pizza fantasy.

Pittsburgh has been blowing up on the pizza map lately. With Pizza Cono opening earlier this year and the Return to Pizza Dojo taking place just last weekend—there’s no shortage of pizza news and innovation in Pittsburgh. 

I talked with Dan Rugh a bit about this art exhibition. Why pizza boxes? Why now? What is it about pizza that brings worlds together?

PWWM: Why put art on pizza boxes? 

Dan Rugh (DR): well with that kind of attitude, why put anything anywhere. For serious though, it’s a big flat white surface just screaming for artwork. How can’t you just start drawing on it?
Plus you get to flip it open and BAM theres pizza there…and if you’re fast enough you can eat it all yourself. 
PWWM: What is it about pizza that brings communities and cultures together? It’s a universal phenomenon and I’m interested in hearing your take on things.
DR: If you have pizza, people want the pizza and will be nice to you to get the pizza. 
I think what you are saying “brings communities and cultures together” is actually just a larger universal ploy of sneaky individuals gunning for each others food. 
PWWM: What do you think of the Pizza Pittsburgh scene lately? With Pizza Boat and the latest Pizza Dojo event, it’s really blowing up. 
DR: Theres a scene? What does that mean?
Besides that, im cool with the dojo shit talking pizza fight, thats awesome. There should be more shit talking amongst people. Especially sneaky individuals gunning for each others food.
PWWM: Is this about getting your art in front of pizza enthusiasts? Or are you implying that pizza itself is art, the box it comes in should also be art?
DR: We are pals with Spak brothers. You can’t fight the natural flow of events. We are artists, they make pizza. It was inevitable. 
This Friday, remember to call Spak Brothers at 412-362-SPAK (7725) to get your medium pizza decorated by the artists of Common Wealth Press.

I wasn’t able to make it to The Return to Pizza Dojo, a pizza competition between pizzaboatpgh and Bread and Salt, but pizza freelancer Chad “Mozzarella” McMutrie put together this special report.

Chad blends together the best parts of a Rick Sebak special and adds in the poignant nature of Ira Glass to deliver, what I think, is some stellar reporting. Is the evening just about making the best pizza? Who are these competitors anyways? What is it about pizza that brings together an entire city?

Chad does his best to answer these questions and capture the essence of The Return to Pizza Dojo.