Pulling this pie out of my oven.

Pulling this pie out of my oven.

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I’ve been watching the background video of this homepage since 9 am. I’m officially hypnotized by the pizza. If you’ll excuse me, I am now getting into my car to drive to Phoenix. 

The Merry Pizza Man is a somewhat creepy/whimsical video created to educate the masses about Pizza Mas and the Merry Pizza Man that accompanies the holiday.

I’m not sure if this was funded by the Pizza Government or not. 

The video contains the flagrant use of puppets, a catchy song about The Merry Pizza Man, and a sprinkle of a cheese mixture that’s half mozzarella, half charm. 

yetiyetistudio sent me three messages in my inbox about this video, so if anything they’re passionate about their craft. 


Steph Mantis built these rad custom frames to house beautiful pizza boxes!

The art world will never be the same after this epic gallery show of amazing pizza boxes hits the scene this Thursday at the Melville House Gallery in DUMBO. About a dozen boxes will be on display…

A trio of birthday pizzas. I ate my age in slices tonight. I ate 105 slices.

An interactive table that allows you to design your perfect pizza through a drag and drop interface from Pizza Hut.

In the video, “Jeff” and his date/sister seem to have a hell of a fun time ordering their pizza. Then, when they’re finished they get to play a game together while they wait for their greasy pie to find its way to their table.

Thanks to crisduh for sending this my way.

Some pizza I had in an event in New York City. Don’t recall the name, but it wasn’t your standard pizza and it was good.

They clearly knew that if they were going to have a ton of toppings, they’d need a crust that could support the weight. Hence the thicker crust.

Now that’s some intelligent pizza.

People put pizza on a greasy pedestal. Is the shocking thing about this story supposed to be the volume of pizza that he eats? Or that he eats all the pizza and is healthy?

There’s a stigma around pizza that it’s a sloppy mess. That anyone that eats it more than once a week is doomed to become a spawn of Pizza-the-hut. We need more stories like this to show that you can be pizza and be a normal human being at the same time.

Good on Dan Jansen. Making Dans around the world proud and keeping plenty of pizza shops in business. 

Next time someone tells you to not eat so much pizza, send them this article. You can still be you and eat an absurd amount of pizza.

This is a guide that helps you quickly assess a pizza place in New York City. This is excellent because if you’re visiting New York City you may become overwhelmed with the amount of everything

There’s a pizza place on every corner, and next to that pizza place is another pizza place. If they can afford rent in Manhattan they must be good, right? Well now you can make that call by playing pizza detective. 

An aside: I’m glad DiFara pizza makes a cameo in the list of go-to places. I highly recommend making the pilgrimage, even though it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere and there’s an absurd line to battle.

I’m interested to see what a guide of this caliber would look like in other cities. Pittsburgh has some quirky places, and Oakland is full of pizza-traps. If a place is selling you a whole pie for $5 you’re in trouble. Imagine the corners they have to cut to make that profitable…

Anyways, it’s a solid read and worth carrying in your back pocket if you ever end up heading towards New York City. 

kellyir asked: Have you had pizza boat? They're a mobile brick oven pizza co. In Pittsburgh. Run by an old college friend of mine. Check them out!

I’ve heard of them! I wanted to make it down to Bayardstown to see them during the East End Olympics, but never made it. 

Didn’t they move back from Brooklyn? I’ve heard solid things. If you can get in touch with them send them my way. I’d love to interview them.