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Interview With the CEO of the Pizza Perfume Company

Dan TallaricoComment

Yesterday, news hit that pizza perfume was released into the wild. I was wondering what would drive Demeter to finally create the scent we’ve been waiting for. The one scent that’s worth wafting into my nostrils. 

I emailed the CEO of Demeter, Mark Crames. He got back to me that same day and apologized for not responding earlier. Since he’s a CEO I’ll let it pass. 

So what inspired the pizza perfume? According to Crames, they’re not the first. If you remember your pizza history you’ll recall that Pizza Hut was the trail blazer in the pizza perfume field. This was back in 2012 and it all started with a joke Facebook post about pizza hut cologne

What was once a joke transformed into 100 limited editions bottles of pizza perfume.

Crames explained the inspiration, saying, “Pizza Hut in Canada did a very short run limited edition, and the positive reception is what sparked our decision to give it a try.  The positive reception of the Pizza Hut project made me think people might be ready to wear a well done savory scent.”

But they weren’t aiming to mimic a Brooklyn pizzeria or bottle the scent of Naples. When asked if the scent was reminiscent of a specific slice Crames said, “I did not have a specific target in mind, but more a generic fresh, hot pizza smell.”

I’m hoping for an evolution of pizza scents. “Brooklyn Bombshell” scent would be nice. Not to mention smelling like a “Pizzaiolo,” or a “Deep Dish Diva”

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