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Sunday Slice: Pizza Palmer Editon

Dan TallaricoComment

Laying on a pile of its own grease, wrapped tightly in plastic, was a beautiful slice that saw its end come too soon.

This slice was charitable, beautiful, charismatic. In a world full of idiosyncrasies this slice made each and every moment feel perfect. The slice was made up of equal parts cheese, crust, and compassion. When it wasn’t sizzling in an oven it was dedicating itself to improving the life of others. It was determined to make every citizen in its tiny town feel important. Feel like they have a true purpose.

How does such a slice find itself discarded like a day old fish? Was their a dark and crispy crust beyond the cheesy and delicious exterior? For as good-willed and benevolent as this slice appeared to be, it could have needed an outlet. A venue to release all the stress. A place to be real. To be wanted for who it truly was. Unfortunately, such deep and dark places are home to specters and demons that you’d never want to encounter.

This slice may never see the inside of an oven again, but we will bring in the best coffee and pie loving FBI agent there is to solve this crime.