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Preview of Pizza Dog Comic!!

Dan TallaricoComment

Pizza Dog is finally getting the spotlight he deserves. I don’t know the exact back story, but I think his partner, Hawkeye, is busy visiting in-laws or going to a grand opening of a Chik-Fil-A and Pizza Dog has to handle all the mystery solving. You know, the way a dog laminated in pizza grease and smells of pepperoni and cheese can.

This is the first (of hopefully many!) issue that takes place from Pizza Dog’s point of view. You would think it would be about a dog who has to go to the hospital because it got into one too many dumpster pizzas, but it looks like that’s not the case. It’s a “who dunnit” of sorts. If it’s about a man who stole pizza you can bet Pizza Dog will solve this crime within an hour. 

It’s super exciting that this dog is getting the attention he deserves. This should open the floodgates of other pizza animal hybrid. Perhaps Pizza Penguin? Pizza Hedgehog? Pizza Raptor?

There’s a more detailed preview of the Pizza Dog comic over at Comic Alliance