Pizza Walk With Me

Let's get hyped up over some pizza.

Happy Pizza Birthday to Mercurio's!

Dan TallaricoComment

After a year of making pizzas for the hungry citizens of Pittsburgh, how is a  pizza/gelato parlor supposed to celebrate? Humbly keep their head down and their eye on the pizza prize? Or give away a ton of free pizza? Luckily for us, Mercurio’s chose the latter.

I’ll go to great lengths for pizza. In this case I went 3 miles. We took a seat, waited an extra-long time (because their oven is so small and they had to make a pizza for everyone in Pittsburgh), and got to eating.

Here I am with my Pizza Roberto. Instead of marinara sauce they lined the crust with basil. Leaves upon leaves of basil! Smothering the basil pouces of burrata. It was all too creamy - I may have just been eating ricotta by the spoonful.

Here’s Christa enjoying the free margherita pizza. She really wanted to get her money’s worth so she thought she’d eat the plate too. Poor girl. You think she’d know how to eat pizza by now?

I wish more pizza places celebrated their pizza birthday. It’s more important than ever to understand your pizza roots and measure success! Looking back and seeing pizza progress is the only way to redefine pizza and innovate.