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The .99 Cent Pizza War

Dan TallaricoComment

“New Yorkers can be prickly over their pizza prices. Students picketed in front of Pizza Suprema when owner Salvatore Riggio raised the price to 25 cents from 20 cents in the early 1970s, his son Joseph recalled.”

A Wall Street Journal article on new $1 pizza slice shops opening around Manhattan. Pizza is cheap to make, but if you want quality you should be paying at least $2 a slice. For $1 what could you possibly be eating? Cardboard with a sprinkle of parmesan? Watered down marinara? It doesn’t bode well for the eternally booming pizza industry. 

This isn’t new - there was a New York Times article investigating this phenomenon a year ago where pizza places were selling slices for 75 cents. One of the main players, 2 Brothers Pizza Shop, had 11 shops at the time. A year later they have 12 and are looking to open one more in the Bronx.

This reminds me of the $5 pizza in Oakland. A whole pizza for $5. Great idea when you’ve been drinking. In the light of day, it’s a circle of shame. A stale reminder that you’re cheap, pathetic, and your hunger can be sold to the lowest bidder.