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World Record Alert: World's Largest Pizza Record Returns to Italy

Dan TallaricoComment

On December 14, 2012, the Italians did what they do best: make pizza. Actually, made a very large pizza. The largest pizza to ever exist in the universe (as far as scientist can tell). The Italian people came together to create a 130 foot wide margherita pizza made from 19,800 pounds of flour, 8,800 pounds of tomato sauce, and 19,800 pounds of mozzarella. A delicious and amazing feat!

What is the most stunning about this is that the Italian people had to reclaim this record. For the last 22 years a grocery store in South Africa owned the title with a 122 foot wide pizza they built. For what reason? Probably to keep lions at bay. 

Five chefs came together to build the newest pizza and put to shame every other country on the map. They decided to name the pizza “Ottavia” to “symbolise the hope of a great economic and cultural revival,” Dovilio Nardi, one of the chefs, said. 

Nardi is on the right path. A pizza can symbolize many things, but its most potent and important meaning is that of coming together as one and destroying hardships (and pizza). When the going gets tough, the tough order a pizza. What spinach is to Popeye, pizza is to every human. A single slice can rejuvenate your faith in reality and give you the power to innovate and create. Every ounce of mozzarella and flour your body digest is a distilled chemical reaction that fuels your future. 

There’s some more photos and quotes at the Daily Mail if you can’t get enough of this saga. Congrats to all involved and here’s hoping to a 2013 full of pizza.