Pizza Walk With Me

Let's get hyped up over some pizza.

Why wouldn't you pay $450 for a lobster pizza?

Dan TallaricoComment

Those near British Columbia, Canada have the pleasure of purchasing a pizza for a mere $450. It’s worth it since its main ingredient is lobster. Next to the lobster is black alaska cod and a side of Russian Oserta cavia. I think that latter ingredient is trying to somehow replace the garlic dipping sauce.

Decadent doesn’t even beging to describe this pizza. Savory toppings combine with expert craftsmanship to deliver a piping hot pie that will melt your wallet as well as your tastebuds. 

Will this cause some pizza inflation? I hope so! Pizza, a food that was meant for poor people in the street, owes it to itself to brush shoulders with the finer folks and, more importantly, the finer dishes. Pizza, all dressed up in his tuxedo, would arrive at the prestigious food dinner party nervous for his first adult venture. Before knocking on the large oak doors he would clean his monocole and straighten his bow tie. He was never very good at putting himself together. He’d enter, bumbling at first, then find his stride as he passed Spam the butler. Pizza would ask for a drink of the finest variety (vodka and maraschino cherries), and survey the room for the glitz and glamour. Feigning boredom, pizza would take out his Mad Libs. Across the way, Lobster would saunter up to pizza. The rest would be history.