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Pizza Vending Machine Heading to America

Dan Tallarico1 Comment

Back in December I wrote about a magical machine that turned money into pizza. The pizza vending machine. It’s the closest man kind has come to alchemy. At the time, the Pizza Vending Machine made its home in the Netherlands and throughout Europe. Which is ideal since pizza is so hard to find there that the convenience of this machine really made sense. I’m sure a lemon and olive oil machine are in production as we speak.

Meanwhile, across the lake Americans have struggled in the absence of a pizza making machine. We’ve streamlined the process to an online interface and mobile apps, but even that isn’t convenient enough. For months we’ve glared across the lake, shaking our flabby fists at the Netherlands. We’ve cursed their innovation and held protests to have the pizza vending machines stationed here. Finally, they’ve heard us which means the Occupy Movement can subside.

A1 Concepts, the company behind the machine, hopes to open a headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia and begin to distribute the pizza vending machine throughout the United States. By making a home in Atlanta, I just hope that Varasano’s doesn’t feel the robotic squeeze.

Welcome to America, Pizza Vending Machine.