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Let's Focus on Pizza Apparel for a Moment

Dan TallaricoComment

Yesterday I mentioned that I went to a pizza party and brought Spak Brother’s. I’ll have more on that later, but right now let’s focus on the shirt I bought from Spak Brother’s. It was only $10 and fit incredibly nicely! The design is rad which gave me a great idea: When I open my pizza shop I’m gonna have a new pizza shirt every month. I’ll probably get my pizza pal Adam to design it. You can see his tremendous talent below.

Looks just like me with a knife going through my neck, right? Adam also made a mock up for a pizza shirt below. It has a pretty big v-neck (or should I say slice-of-pizza-neck) and the text reads “Dan is Stupid.” Who wouldn’t want to wear that out? 

Pizza shirts. Coming to a pizza party near you.