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Grilling Some Pizza - Swift and Delicious

Dan TallaricoComment

If there’s one great thing about summer time it’s that the pizza lab breaks free from the kitchen and breaches the quiet back porch. There, we are able to take the grill hostage and force it to participate in sordid pizza techniques. Not that I practice unsavory pizza creation. Nothing but the most savory pizza around these parts, which is why I’m pleased to present some grilled pizza.

Grilling pizza follows the grill law of being able to set it and forget it. The dough splays itself across the piping hot metal and absorbs the heat. Dough transforms into crust and there’s minimal rising to be seen.

After a few minutes it’s time to flip the dough over so its evenly cooked and the toppings are added. I chose to keep it basic with a simple marinara and mozzarella. Toppings don’t melt too much which blends well with the charred base. The combination of the cold sauce, half melted cheese, and grilled-infused dough trumps most other grilled products.

Surprise your pals this summer by tossing some pizza dough on the grill. It takes only a few minutes and is a hit. What’s best is that while the outside acts like anything charred should act, the inside is nice and fluffy.