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How to Find and Order Great Pizza in New York | Slice Pizza Blog

Dan TallaricoComment

This is a guide that helps you quickly assess a pizza place in New York City. This is excellent because if you’re visiting New York City you may become overwhelmed with the amount of everything

There’s a pizza place on every corner, and next to that pizza place is another pizza place. If they can afford rent in Manhattan they must be good, right? Well now you can make that call by playing pizza detective. 

An aside: I’m glad DiFara pizza makes a cameo in the list of go-to places. I highly recommend making the pilgrimage, even though it’s kind of in the middle of nowhere and there’s an absurd line to battle.

I’m interested to see what a guide of this caliber would look like in other cities. Pittsburgh has some quirky places, and Oakland is full of pizza-traps. If a place is selling you a whole pie for $5 you’re in trouble. Imagine the corners they have to cut to make that profitable…

Anyways, it’s a solid read and worth carrying in your back pocket if you ever end up heading towards New York City.