Pizza Walk With Me

Let's get hyped up over some pizza.

A regular human being eats nothing but pizza for 25 years

Dan TallaricoComment

People put pizza on a greasy pedestal. Is the shocking thing about this story supposed to be the volume of pizza that he eats? Or that he eats all the pizza and is healthy?

There’s a stigma around pizza that it’s a sloppy mess. That anyone that eats it more than once a week is doomed to become a spawn of Pizza-the-hut. We need more stories like this to show that you can be pizza and be a normal human being at the same time.

Good on Dan Jansen. Making Dans around the world proud and keeping plenty of pizza shops in business. 

Next time someone tells you to not eat so much pizza, send them this article. You can still be you and eat an absurd amount of pizza.,0,853252.story