Pizza Walk With Me

Let's get hyped up over some pizza.

Friends and Pizza go together likes Pizza..and..More Pizza

Dan TallaricoComment


What’s better than a pizza? How about like eight pizzas. Eight pizzas that are birthed at a house with the help if eight people.

Don’t get me wrong, pizza is great on its own. But there’s something melancholy about eating an entire pizza yourself then turning to your left and right looking for someone to brag about your achievement.

I guess social media fills that role, but that doesn’t mean you’re any less bloated. Which is why pizza + friends = P-P-PIZZA PARADISE

Last Summer I was invited to a pizza-making party at Chad’s place. Chad is real into pizza. Like legit pizza enthusiast. That’s him up above and his (blurry) pizza. His secret? A sauce recipe that’s passed down from his grandmother. A sauce formula so potent that it left his face mangled. Man. Poor Chad. He’ll never be able to open up a pizza shop with a mug like that.


I did my part to bring the annoyingly-traditional pizza to the party. As you can see it’s humble, tiny, and contains almost no cheese. Does a traditional pizza play in a party setting? You’d think someone who runs a pizza blog would know better.

It looked meager compared to Chad’s pizza bonanza, but sometimes great pizza comes in traditional packages. The gang was really wowed by my sauce, but I’ll never tell my secret…


I felt my pizza was exquisite, but it might have just been the company. Being able to share my favorite past-time with a group of pals only enriches the pizza experience.

I swear no one there is on the verge of tossing up their pizza. Totally promise.


A possible downside is that when you’re cooking up a hodge-podge of tiny pizzas you gotta slice and dice those suckers. Which means some people don’t get to handle the soft, pillowy crust.

My tactic has always been to elbow everyone out of the way and stack a plate full of crust. Let the wild dogs deal with the crust-less pizza in the middle. Those animals.

Bottom line: Pizza with friends is pretty legit. 100% of the time it’s better than eating alone because you get to share the cultural experience of pizza. As a team you can dismantle a pizza, discuss what destroys your tastebuds and how pizza makes you feel alive.

I’ve also noticed that when you have pizza coursing through your veins, your guard drops a little and you become way more honest. It’s like a naturally occurring truth serum. This probably happens because packed into every triangle of pizza are years of memories waiting to be absorbed into your bloodstream.