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[update] Pizza Shop Gets on Twitter, World Explodes

Dan TallaricoComment

[update] - it looks like that Spak Brothers account was a fake. Hope no one got duped by the offer of free pizza. The fact that a fake Spak account could set the world on fire goes to show the community Spak has cultivated, quietly, over the years. Here’s a tweet from the real Spak Brothers account that has since been removed:

@SpakBros @EastEndBrewing @moarhops hey whoever is manning this fake account I’m going to find out who you are and fuck up your entire life.

The following is the original article, complete with the now removed fake tweets.

I’ve worked a few jobs specializing in social media. Depending on where you work it’s like being confined in a crib complete with a rattle and a stuffed animal. It’s fun at first, but boy does it get tired when everything is covered in your slobber.

Spak Brothers, one of my favorite Pittsburgh pizza places, got a fancy new Twitter account and is completely off the handle in the best way possible. Does pizza making day in and day-out turn you crazy? Or does Spak pizza give off an aura that makes life thrilling, exciting, and worth living? Either way, the enthusiasm they show for their fans and product make me want Spak more than ever. Is that what viral marketing is?

Anyways, they’re killing it and I wanted to share some of their tweets with you.

Hey real quick.. if you want Organic Veg’s or Artesian spices, go out in a field and lick some dirt #worldsGreatestPizza

Toying with the idea of setting up apartments above SPAK so #superSpakFans can be close to the pies as possible

Don’t forget fam. Free slice till end of Jan. Stop by and show this tweet

Just a reminder: Chicky Parm, Philly Steak, BBQ, Portobello… All key players in our #HoagieGame.

Another day. Another several dozen of the world’s best tasting pizzas. Voted number 1 8 years in a row by planet earth.

Nothing tastes as good as a slice of Spak soaked in a glass of @WigleWhiskey overnight.

Like this if you think we should get an Adams Family pinball machine for the dining area.

Follow Spak Bros. on Twitter. Worst case scenario you get a slice of pizza.