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Thanksgiving Pizza News, Imagery, and Thanksgiving Pizza Recipes

Dan TallaricoComment

It’s Thanksgiving and I’m obviously thankful for pizza. It’s true. When I’m sitting at the Thanksgiving table getting ready to blurt out what I’m thankful for I’m going to say “Pizza.” There will be a few disgusted looks and chortles, but I’m sticking by my passion.

In honor of Thanksgiving I thought I’d compile some of the more inventive combinations of pizza and Thanksgiving. 

This is as literal as you can get. Luckily, this nightmarish creation is from an Onion article about Domino’s foray into Thanksgiving pizza.

Have leftover turkey, stuffing, and other miscellaneous Thanksgiving treats? Combine them for an elegant pizza as seen above. This elegant creation is from Manhattan’s La Bottega Italian restaurant. Full recipe for after Thanksgiving pizza here.

Did you know that the day before Thanksgiving is one of the biggest pizza-selling days of the year?

Here’s another variation of post-Thanksgiving pizza. This one has more cheddar cheese and a biscuit pizza crust.

A vegan Thanksgiving pizza combined all the veggies and vegan-friendly products to create a mashup that borders on absurdity. There’s a comprehensive outline on how to create this vegan delicacy over at

In the news, a Pizza Hut owner decided to shut down his store on Thanksgiving and was promptly fired. Luckily, the manager that was fired, Rohr, will have his job back after Thanksgiving. It’s kind of a shame that a) he was fired and b) this was considered a controversial and daring move by the manager. What a world!

Hope you have a blessed pizza Thanksgiving. And when it comes to story time, please don’t hesitate to share the true story of Thanksgiving and Pizzagiving in Pizza History