Pizza Walk With Me

Let's get hyped up over some pizza.

Dan TallaricoComment

Spend ten minutes of your day to learn more about Bill, the fifty-two year old pizza delivery guy for Best Pizza in Brooklyn. 

Bill delivers by bike, which is interesting in itself. But he’s a showcase for the pizza delivery lifestyle. The money is great. Better than most other jobs. But is it sustainable? Should a fifty-two year old still struggle to make ends meet? Is he too old to deliver pizzas? 

There’s a glamour to pizza delivery that fades over time. I spent a few formidable years of my life delivering pizza for Vocelli’s and a few local pizza shops. The stacks of cash you bring home is bewildering. Over $100 for driving around in a car! There’s nothing better than counting out at the end of the night. 

But you get bitter. You see people just for their tips and a bad tip is like burning the roof of your mouth on a hot slice of pizza; it takes days to heal and leaves you generally unhappy.