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Reheating Pizza on the Skillet

Dan TallaricoComment

I don’t know how you reheat your own pizza. That is, if there’s pizza leftover. Am I right fellow pizza gluttons?

In a rare turn of events, there was a single slice of pizza leftover from last night’s pizza adventure. I’m not proud. But, tonight I was able to take advantage of the sole survivor. But how am I supposed to take care of this POP (Prisoner of Pizza)?

Well, I don’t have a microwave like 99% of people. I don’t have a toaster oven. So, having leftover pizza is more of a burden than anything else. But I persevered. I found a somewhat inventive way to reheat pizza that keeps the pizza-integrity in check and doesn’t give you the weird mushy that you get when you microwave pizza.

As you can see above, it starts with a skillet. I turn it on medium heat and coat the bottom with olive oil. This is the most vital part of reviving a pizza form its refrigerated state. 

Once you have your pizza up on your skillet, dancing in a little bit of hot olive oil you gotta do something crazy. Get a tiny bit of water and toss it on the skillet. Not the part of the skillet that has the pizza. Obviously. But around the pizza. This creates a ton of steam that cooks the top of the pizza while the crust is sizzling.

To capture that steam you’re going to need some sort of “lid.” In this case I used a ton of aluminum foil. This helped the top reheat at the same time the bottom was cooking in that oil. 

After 10 minutes on medium heat you get…

A nicely melted pizza. It’s perfect. The crust is rejuvenated with that bit of oil. And the cheese on top is infused with that humidity and steam to make it more than edible. It’s a second chance at pizza life. Unfortunately, that only means it’s going to be eaten.

It’s the number one preferred way to reheat pizza. In a skillet! So go. It takes a bit more time, but it’s 100% better than reheating it in a microwave.