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Pizza Walk Pittsburgh: A Pizza Book About the Best New Pizza in Pittsburgh

Pizza EssayDan TallaricoComment

Hi folks! Sorry for the radio silence, but I’ve been working on an important project. Truth be told, after chronicling the Pittsburgh pizza scene for years, I wanted something more. I wanted something more permanent that could live on beyond the internet and possibly even me.

My time interviewing and writing about the Pittsburgh pizza scene has been eye opening. Talking to the shop owners and documenting new openings, closings and events brought me closer to Pittsburgh in a way that I never expected. It made this whole city feel like a town. I could go for a jog and see people that have made my pizza or someone I recognize from a (maybe annoying) interview inside a shop.

I was driven by bringing the freshest news and perspective to the city, specifically around pizza. It’s why I sent my dad out to Pizza Expo to cover the large continent of Pittsburgh Pizza participants. It’s why I took a PTO day from my job to visit Pizza Cono prior to them opening in Squirrel Hill. Covering new, exciting pizza developments was thrilling.

This book is the pinnacle of that. It covers thirteen of the newest spots, including openings, photos and insights that I’ve gathers throughout the years. The book is done, I simply need to know how many copies I have to print.

Early on in my pizza writing days I was showing this website to a local entrepreneur. After scrolling through my site and reading a few articles they only had one question for me: why don’t you have any ads on your website? I truly don’t believe ads are the right way to make money on the internet. If you can produce something of value, and help people understand that value, they will surely pay for it when the time comes.

This Kickstarter is a testament to that idea. I have no idea if I’ll be successful, but after doing this for years I figured this would be a good chance to see what kind of goodwill I’ve collected.

About the Pittsburgh Pizza Book

The book itself will be 6 x 9. It will be paperback, with a slightly glossy cover. Not too glossy. The interior pages will be #80 paper and will have a matte sheen. It’ll be fun to flip through. There are over 20,000 words that cover 13 pizza shops. It’s possible I’ll add more before the book is truly done. Some of the shops covered are:

  • Pizza Cono

  • Driftwood Oven

  • Mercurio’s

  • Caliente’s

  • Spak Brothers.

  • Rockaway Pizza

  • Badamo’s

  • Spirit

  • Slice On Broadway

  • Pizza Taglio

  • and more!

You can see a sample of the book here. This covers the intro as well as a bit on Driftwood oven.

If you’re interested in backing the Kickstarter you can visit the Pizza Walk Pittsburgh Kickstarter here.

Thanks for your support over all these years and here’s to a hundred more years of pizza!