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Pizza Review: 2Amys Pizzeria in Washington, DC

Dan TallaricoComment

There’s pizza then there’s pizza. Then there’s, like, pizza. Then there’s Pizza. 2Amys is the latter, capital “P” izza. Which kind of makes sense because it resides in the capital of the United States of America. 2Amys is home to neopolitan pizza and serves a delicious D.O.C. certified pie - that means there’s a standard of quality and expertise with your pizza. There aren’t too many D.O.C. spots around, so if you can find one do yourself a favor and take a bite out of the D.O.C. certified pie. I guess what I’m saying is that D.O.C. is D.A.N. certified. 

But 2Amys! My oh my. This pizza is the kind of pizza you dream of the night before Pizza Christmas. It’s the pizza that the Pizza King and Queen eat during the Annual Pizza Ceremony of Mozzarella and Majestic-ism. As seen in the photo above, every portion of the pizza is cooked to perfection. The crust is slightly charred in some spots and fluffy in the others, sign of the unpredictable and unruly flames striking out against the rising dough. The cheese remains white and pure; untouched by the elements waiting for you to consume it. The cheese doesn’t hog the pizza, but shares it with the wonderfully simple tomato sauce. Basil is strewn about as if a gentle breeze blew them onto the pizza as it was coming out of the oven and nobody minded its appearance. 

It’s an extraordinary pizza that may  be the best I’ve ever eaten. It’s authentic and harkens back to the classic type of pizza, which happens to be my favorite. In fact, it’s so classic that you have to ask for your pizza to be cut. Otherwise you have an entire oval to deal with and chances are you’ll end up looking like a fool. A fool with a pizza. 

2Amys is more than just pizza. I was there with my pal Pat and my pizza lady, Christa, and we ate quite a variety of food. 

Despite my warning, Pat got some sort of calzone thing. He seemed to enjoy it. 

They also served doughnuts. I don’t really understand why, but 2Amys must get that question a lot because they have an entire section of their website is dedicated to this delicious treat.

But the donut wasn’t the end of the meal! What you see above is a “Foggy Senior.” I don’t even know if they’re on the menu, but Christa worked her magic and shazam - we were all enjoying a small cup of espresso with a dollop of ice cream. Just a dollop! But the combination is unreal. The espresso and ice cream complement one another perfectly, like two long lost friends who come back together and pick up like nothing ever happened. 

And that’s what everything feels like at 2Amys. It’s all so natural, authentic, and legit. Every item makes sense to be on the menu. It’s an establishment built on common sense and tradition and 2Amys does not disappoint. I give each Amy a five out of five.