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Pizza Maker Shortage in Italy

Dan TallaricoComment

This article is interesting for a number of reasons. First, it delves into the pizza making hierarchy in Italy. It’s not surprising that this is a serious profession, but at the same time it pays poorly. After all, they’re making pizza. While it’s rewarding and emotionally enriching, it won’t make you rich. Until pizza becomes currency. 

Many Italians are hanging up their dough hooks to pursue other careers. What does a professional pizza maker do post-pizza? Maybe retire to a beet farm or get into the calzone business.

Back to the hierarchy–pizzerias employ a “Neapolitan” to train and supervise employees. An overseer with pizza sauce flowing through their veins and years of experiencing packed into their DNA. The problem is that there aren’t enough Neapolitans to keep up with demand! This can be the beginning of a failing pizza infrastructure  A downward spiral smeared with spoiled vegetables and canned sauce. Without a Neapolitan on staff it’s complete bedlam.

Secondly, many Italian pizzerias employ workers from Egypt and Bangladesh. Proving that pizza is truly the one-food to rule them all. A circular disc that welcomes all life into its delicious portal. Once you succumb to the pizza siren, you’re within its grasp for eternity. One day, pizza shall inherit the earth. 

Thanks to Justine for sending this my way

Also, the article tries to shame the pizza establishment for employing an Egypt native to make pizza which is just disgusting.