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Pizza Lovers of the World Unite - Visit the Author of the Pizza Bible

Dan TallaricoComment

Dear follower of pizza. Today is your day to take your pizza passion to the next level. Do you own pizza shoes? Eat pizza for every other meal? Make your own pizza? Then you’ll need to meet the author of the Pizza Bible, Tony Gemignani, today.

Not only can he cleanse you of any pizza sins, but you can ask him very poignant pizza questions. Like, what is the deal with pepperoni? What does he really think of Type 00 flour? How high should you be tossing your dough?

I don’t know the answers to all these questions, but Tony probably does. 

You have two chances to meet him today. So act fast.

Visit Penn Mac in the Strip District at 1pm.

Head to Caliente in Bloomfield at 6pm.

I’ll see you at Caliente, for sure.