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Pizza Kickstarter News - The Pizza Grate

Dan TallaricoComment

Another day another Kickstarter trying to revolutionize the pizza business. Well, the home pizza business. This time, The Pizza Grate is trying to capture The Elusive Home Pizza.

The Elusive Home Pizza (TEHP) is something I’ve chased. Like a pizza-shaped rabbit down a greasy rabbit hole, anytime I think I’ve nabbed it, the rabbit slips from my grip. My greasy pizza paws clawing at nothing. 

But TEHP is important—it’s 2013 and getting a bubbly, crisp, airy, pizza shouldn’t be impossible. Hopefully, The Pizza Grate is the missing link between your oven and a perfect pie.

So how does it work?

Well, I guess this grate does a few things differently than other grates and stones.

  1. The Pizza Grate is aluminum, which retains heat better than most metals. So I’m told. I’m not metalologist. 
  2. The holes in The Grate allow steam to escape from the bottom of the pizza, meaning your crust is free of moisture that it would otherwise absorb.
  3. No rusting - and easy to clean. My pizza stone is actually in quite a hideous state as we speak. 
  4. You can cook a chicken on it, which I guess you would then put on top of a pizza.

Pretty neat stuff. I know I’ve almost burned the house down trying to get my oven hot enough to produce TEHP. And, I don’t have a stock of bricks lying around to construct my own pizza oven. This seems like something that can bring The Elusive Home Pizza to the masses. 

Check out their Pizza Grate Kickstarter for more info. Maybe I’ll try and nab an interview with these pizza innovators?