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Pizza Journalism: Interview with the Creator of the Pizza Sleeping Bag

Dan TallaricoComment

An item hasn’t truly been evolved to perfection until it somehow resembles the texture, smell, taste, or look of pizza. Thus, this pizza sleeping bag is not only the pinnacle of sleeping bags, but also the highest echelon of pizza sleeping bags. I just had to interview someone who was inspired to design such a sleeping device! What makes them tick? Why pizza? Do they even like pizza? So, I found the designer, Brook, on Etsy and asked her some questions. Brook is a recent graduate of Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania and loves fibers. Hence, her bachelor of Fine Arts in Fibers and Material Studies. Enjoy the interview! Surprisingly, we discuss much more than pizza.

Pizza Walk With Me: Describe your perfect pizza.

Brook: Crust means everything to me when it comes to pizza. It can’t be too doughy and it can’t be too thin. Other than that, just cheese and sauce will do. I could eat a slice of plain cheese pizza anytime of day, any day of the week. My favorite pizza in the world comes from the pizza shop next door to the pottery studio where I work. Their slices are huge and the crust is perfect. Not too thin, not too thick and just the right amount of crisp. 

PWWM: Would you ever put snails on a pizza?

B: I have never actually eaten snails, but based on my personal pizza philosophy which is basically: Less is more, I would not like it one bit. I have no doubt however, that many people would find it quite enjoyable. 

PWWM: Why a pizza sleeping bag? Do you have a desire to sleep inside the warmth of a pizza?

B: Who wouldn’t want to curl up inside a slice of warm cheesy pizza? Well.. minus the grease and plus some satin lining. I’m always looking for ways I can make food into comfortable functional objects to add to my comfort food series. My idea is to take the comfort that people feel while they’re eating their favorite foods and make them feel the same way when they are interacting with my objects. I was eating a slice of pizza one day and the shape reminded me of a bed and then I thought, sleeping bag! and voila!

PWWM: What food item will you conquer next? I saw what I think was a waffle and a potato. Do you only sew your favorite foods? I think you’re really onto something with letting people sleep inside the food of their fantasy.

B: I really let the shape of difference foods influence the object that I will make. While they aren’t necessarily all my favorite foods, I don’t think I would use a food that I didn’t like. Looking at and thinking about a food that doesn’t taste good for as long as it takes to make one of my objects would probably make me sick. As for whats next… I’ve been playing around with some designs for a cheeseburger dog bed. We’ll see. 

PWWM: How has this brief stint of “Internet Fame” impacted you and your business? Is it encouraging? Do you feel a lot of pressure?

B: I am so excited about all of the positive feedback I have been getting! I knew when I first made the sleeping bag that it could be a popular, sell-able, object but I never knew if I would be able to actually make it happen. Now its happening! I’m currently taking orders for pizza sleeping bags via Etsy. Mostly I’m just excited and any pressure that I feel, just feels good because I’m doing what I love. 

PWWM: How would you describe pizza to a person who has never seen or heard of this delicious dish before?

B: First I would have them crawl inside my pizza sleeping bag. Then I would tell them that eating a slice of pizza makes you as comfortable as sleeping in that satin-lined bag. 

PWWM: If you could approve upon current fiber technology, in what would that be?

B: Anything that makes any fiber technique faster would be an improvement. As any fiber artist could tell you, fibers are a meticulous material to work with. I couldn’t tell you all the hours of my life that I have spent embroidering, crocheting, knitting, sewing, dying, re-dying, sewing again, etc. It takes forever but I love every moment I spend working with fibers so I maybe it’s good that it takes an eternity. 

PWWM: If you could somehow improve pizza technology, what would it be like?

BFirst of all… is there such a thing as pizza technology [Editor’s Note: YES]? I don’t think technology and pizza should ever mix. And why try to improve on something as perfect as pizza in the first place? Pizza should be made by hand, just like art, and just like it has been for all the delicious years its been in existence.

For more of Brook’s work, check out her Etsy page. I have my fingers crossed for a pizza scarf, hat, and glove combo set to pop up on that store any second now…