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Pizza Goals for the Week of June 24

Dan TallaricoComment

While I’m still wandering around Pittsburgh as its local pizza dumpster, I feel like I’ve done a poor job of providing coverage and entertainment. I’m really worried about the tiniest demographic who can’t read the newspaper because there’s no pizza coverage. Can’t turn on the TV or YouTube because there aren’t any pizza videos. Can’t open their mailbox because there’s no pizza in it. Don’t worry, I’m hoping to pick up the slack.

Here’s some pizza content you can expect in the coming week.

  • Video Q&A will be returning. You can submit a pizza question for me to answer here.
  • I’ll try and reach out to someone in the pizza community for an interview. Maybe Jeff Varasano
  • Pizza review of Fazio’s white pizza!
  • A pizza haiku. 
  • Pizza news as it happens.

So get hyped up! Keep the links coming my way and if you have any pizza suggestions don’t hesitate to ask. Lots of great pizza content coming your way in the next week. Tell your friends.