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Pizza Dog Comic - Pizza Journalism

Dan TallaricoComment

I don’t pay attention to comics because they have nothing to do with pizza. That’s not true. At times they have everything to do with pizza. With a slice in one hand and a comic in the other there’s no longer any need for napkins or self-esteem. You have everything you need right there.

Lately, there have been some barks coming from the comic community that Pizza Dog, Hawkeye’s puptacular and pizza consuming assistant, is getting a comic all to himself. As a pizza journalist I went right to the source: Pizza Dog.

While I didn’t get anything important from Pizza Dog, I think we’re sniffing down the pizza trail. Otherwise Pizza Dog wouldn’t have acted suspiciously like a dog. 

My primary source wasn’t cooperating so I took to Google. Inputting “Pizza Dog Comic” returned this result. A sneak preview of the Pizza Dog Comic!