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Pizza Delivery Guy Robbed at Gunpoint in Pittsburgh

Dan TallaricoComment

I’ve spent my formative years delivering pizzas to all walks of life. In the suburbs I worked the night shift, delivering piping hot pies to divorced dad’s trying to perk up their kids. I’d be the life of the party when bringing five large pizzas to a bouncing house (my first party experience, really). I’d turn down drink offers and drive back to the restaurant thinking I had the coolest job.

In the city, things were a bit different. Deliveries to the heart of Highland Park and Wilkinsburg were considered dangerous by the old guard. Clientele tipped poorly and gas seemed to evaporate faster during deliveries. I felt safe on my deliveries and never declined an order because it was in a shady area.

It’s a shame when things like this happen. Most delivery drivers carry less than $100 dollars and the money that is stolen is mostly tips that goes directly to the driver. Pretty messed up.