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Pizza Compass App Review

Dan TallaricoComment

A compass that locates the nearest pizza is, if I can be so blunt, an item that exists in so many pizza fantasies. Usually the adventurer inherits an ancient compass from their Neapolitan Grandmother, greasily passed down from one generation to the next. Legends say this compass connects you with your pizza. But can such a legendary fantastical object exist in our reality?

With the Pizza Compass App the answer is yes.

It’s a novel way that blends together technology with functionality. It’s a blend that goes together just as well as shredded mozzarella and provolone. 

When you open the pizza compass you’re met with a mystical slice that has been programmed to find and hunt down pizza. The slice rotates and keep your spirits in tune with the pie that resonates with your soul. You pick the destination and you’ll be guided their by your angelic pizza guide.

When it’s not being a compass, it acts as a handy guide to all the pizza in your area. Using the Foursquare API it gives you pizza-focused venues as well as relevant user ratings and reviews. The pizza market is nothing less than saturated and any tool that can help you make a better decision is more helpful than a surplus of flour when you’re dealing with particularly sticky dough.

What would be improved with this app was a bit more motivation. While pizza is surely motivation enough it wouldn’t hurt to have a few slices of sage wisdom or a mozzarella mentor that tosses encouragement your way. The journey to pizza can be a long one and mantras like “The pizza you seek is the pizza you’ll eat” would make the trip a breeze. If anything it would boost my mental fortitude and keep my hunger true.

It’s a solid experience and worth the $1 it cost in the app store.