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Pizza Code With Me

Dan TallaricoComment

A long time ago, before I got into this pizza lifestyle, I was into coding. I would quickly choke down a slice of pizza on Wednesday lunch during high school and sprint to the math room to get back to programming. 

I programmed a robot to pick up beepers. I programmed an elevator simulator. For fun I created a visual calculator you could actually click on (including the use of decimal points!). My most impressive feat was getting a single sprite of Mega Man to flash on screen for three seconds. 

This year I think I’m ready to return to the programming. And I have an idea for something really cool to build from scratch. I don’t want to spill too many beans yet, but I think it’s time I contribute to the rising pizza community.

You can see proof of me practicing my coding skills by examining this screenshot. It’s me exposing all the awesome methods I could perform on the word “pizza.” For some reason doesn’t work. Yet.

I could “chop” pizza, but I’m not sure what that does. Actually, Pizza.Slice would work. Let’s see what that returns.

I think we’re onto something!

I’ll continue to update you as I develop this killer pizza app. I hope it’ll be something fun, because I find programming so rewarding. Building a program from scratch is just as rewarding as mixing together some flour, yeast, and water to get that soft, cushiony pizza dough. 

Feeling that flour between my fingers and picking dough off my skin the rest of the day is a sign of hard work done. That and the piping hot pizza I pull out of my oven. I guess I’m getting back into programming for that same reason; starting from scratch to make something that looks similar to the product a stinky dude could deliver to you in minutes is so inspiring.

The goal is to showcase some functionality as this grows and get some great input from the pizza community to build the app every pizza enthusiast will need.  Stay tuned for more updates