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Pizza Boat: The End is Nigh

Dan TallaricoComment

Dang. Just dang. 

Can you believe that tomorrow is the seasonal finale of Pizza Boat? As they prepare to pack up their brick oven and vanish from the pizza landscape (perhaps as pizza ghost?) they’re having one last pizza celebration.

It’s sad when some of the best pizza in Pittsburgh goes into hibernation, but I’m sure they’ll come back stronger, sturdier, and more delicious than ever. 

I was going through my pizza archives when I found some photos I took of a Pizza Boat outing that I never published. My friend Mark wanted to meet me in the Strip District after a morning of tailgating. He was walking from Heinz Field to 20th St in the Strip just for pizza. 

It was the only type of sustenance that could save him at that point in his life. 

We each had our own pie. I defaulted to the classic margherita and he chose the white pizza topped with arugula as green as Kermit’s coat and cheese that spread itself around the pizza without a care in the world. Carefree cheese is the best cheese. It fills your insides with an aura of optimism that makes you feel like you can digest an unlimited amount of pizza.

Here’s Mark who cannot wait to get that pizza in his mouth. He was even willing to meet the slice half-way like estranged parents meet up to exchange kids for the weekend. 

Shouting his name to look at the camera at this point was no good. He was in the zone. Tranced out on pizza. To him he had reached nirvana. And it was only slightly oily. 

After eating his pizza he was out of sorts. He kept mumbling about a higher existence and trailed off mid-thought to look in the distance. Was he seeing a truer reality than the one I’m experiencing? Did the pizza knock something loose in his mind?

Mark was a changed man after his Pizza Boat experience. 

It’s not too late to get on the Pizza Boat and drift off into your own personal pizza nirvana. 

Be in the Strip District tomorrow for one finale pizza showdown