Pizza Walk With Me

Let's get hyped up over some pizza.

Dan TallaricoComment

Much like the Midwest, the traditional pizza you find in downtown Chicago is wide, flat, and boring.

This pizza is from Pizano’s. There’s a few in the Chicago area. Their claim to fame is that they were “featured on Oprah.” In what capacity I do not know.

Was their shop in the background during a remote segment? Did Jim Carey, willing to do anything for a laugh to reignite his career, bring a Pisano’s pizza onto the set? We may never know.

But I do know that this pizza would have a hard time sticking out on the east coast. There was a cardboard characteristic to the crust, and the cheese simply sat there. It was charmless and was the closest thing to a corpse I have ever eaten.

I ended up leaving three quarters of the pizza in my hotel refrigerator. I’m sure whoever cleaned the room was insulted that this pizza was left as a tip.

Perhaps their deep dish pizza is where they put all their effort. Why bother to impress an obvious tourist with a flat pizza who will only compare it to the superior easy coast slice? It’s a lose-lose.

Pisano’s may have a stellar deepdish and I simply chose poorly. Perhaps someone out there can testify that Pisano’s is worth visiting? Oprah, I’m looking at you.