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Mother's Day? More like Pizza Day

Dan TallaricoComment

I had no intention to eat pizza on Mother’s Day. As a son, it’s my duty to ensure my mom is surrounded by flowers and other moms at Phipps Conservatory. After we trounced through the tulips and “ooo-ed” at the scentless orchards, we worked up quite an appetite. So my mom did what any sane mom would do and suggested we get some pizza. 

Mother’s Day? More like Pizza Day. Oh dang, that should be the title of this post. 

We headed to the Porch at Schenley, a fancy Eat N'Park establishment. We each had our own Margherita pizza which was the perfect end to Mother’s Day. The crust was fluffy, the cheese evenly distributed, and the presentation novel and full of utility. Be able to add on basil, pepper flakes, or a bit of parmesan at our leisure was delightful. 

It’s a bit thicker than most “wood fired pizza” (I put that in quotes because as they have an oven that looks like a wood-fired oven, there’s actually no wood involved!), and provides a healthy crunch. You’ll eat the slice with the speed of a cheetah just to get to the crust as fast and efficiently as possible.

As a parting gift, my mother gave me half of her pizza to take home. Something to remember her by. A delicious treat to cherish. I ate it all as soon as we parted way. 

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there. May your offspring fill you to gills with pizza.