Pizza Walk With Me

Let's get hyped up over some pizza.

Dan TallaricoComment

I work at WebKite (which is hiring some sales folk if you’re interested). One thing I created at the company is that super awesome Pizza Directory. Sort and filter by a number of very very important pizza facets! Life-changing technology!

Anyways, one of these sales candidates came into the office for an interview and fulfilled all my criteria for a stellar interview:

  1. Arrive slightly early (but not too early).
  2. Dress like everyone is watching.
  3. Bring pizza.

Done and done and done. He brought this pizza after doing some Googling and realized that I am a pizza journalist that works at WebKite. Also, he noticed I haven’t written about Mama Lucia’s which is his go-to pie shop.

I grew up scarfing down Mama Lucia’s but don’t get out there for pizza-errands as much as I should, so he murdered like four birds with one pizza. 

Either way, this sales guy knows his audience. Too bad I’m not the one making these very important hiring decisions. Sorry, bud!