Pizza Walk With Me

Let's get hyped up over some pizza.

Dan TallaricoComment

I made some pizzas over the weekend to celebrate the Kentucky Wildcats trouncing their opponents in the world of basketball. I don’t understand why they don’t unleash a real wildcat into the arena when they win, but, hey, I’m not in charge of their marketing. 

Above are the pizzas I made. Like an amateur, I put too much sauce on the first pizza which resulted in a soggy slice. I’m embarrassed, but it’s something to learn from. Underneath the cheese is a layer of jalapeños. They’re a sneaky vegetable that do their best to blend in with other surface-level toppings so you don’t suspect their spicy sting.

I may be looking into making my own sauce in the future. This Trader Joe’s stuff isn’t doing it for me, it’s just too sweet.