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Great News for Pizza and Mayonnaise Lovers

Dan TallaricoComment

Pizza with Mayonnaise

Mayonnaise has become pretty popular lately and has been quite the hit on sandwiches. Jimmy John’s subs come with mayonnaise on default and Subway has a buffet of mayonnaise variants to choose from. You can’t swing a dead cat without it hitting a vat of mayonnaise. Despite this I’ve yet to dive head first into the world of mayonnaise. But now I finally have a reason.

Japan is a pioneer of trends and I look to them to show me the food of tomorrow. This week, that food is pizza with a grid of mayonnaise. According to an on-the-street report from Rocket News 24, mayonnaise is a staple on pizza. I guess Domino’s adopting the creamy gunk for its own pies just makes sense in that region. 

How does mayonnaise complement a buttery crust, soggy vegetables, and canned sauce? We may never know without visiting Japan.

If this story has taught me anything it’s how to properly spell mayonnaise.