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Gennaro's Pizza - A Saucy Late Night Shelter

Dan TallaricoComment

Can you taste the difference of a slice of pizza when the moon dominates the sky? How about after drinking a few pitchers of Yuengling and would eat anything, even paper towels, to soak up the booze festering in your stomach? Gennaro’s, located in the South Side of Pittsburgh, is hoping your tastebuds are intoxicated when you bite into one of their slices.

But for being late (and desperate  I expected much worse.  There was a medium amount of cheese and a nice soft crust. A well-balanced combination that made this triangle perfect for the late night visit. There was the expected amount of grease, you know, just enough to line your throat but not enough to cause you to break out in acne.

Of course, getting the pizza is another thing. Behind the counter is a sour lady who earns her power from the grape lollipop lodged into her cheek. Her hot topic Mario Bros. t-shirt is a declaration of “hey, I’m cool.” A marketing ploy to attract the nostalgic customer? If not, it’s a great way to earn a few retro-tips.

Gennaro’s is decent for a slice. I was skeptical, but the softness of the crust combined with moderate cheese and non-offensive sauce made me a believer. It’s a pizza to respect. Now, enjoy a few slices of me and Christa eating some pizza.