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Let's get hyped up over some pizza.

Espresso E Pizza From Espresso A Mano

Dan TallaricoComment

Pittsburgh has caught pizza fever and every one is getting in on the action. Last week we explored the world of Pizza Cones from Pizza Cono in Squirrel Hill. This week’s new challenger in the pizza arena is Espresso A Mano in Lawrenceville.

Normally they’re busy serving the best coffee money can buy while peddling devilish croissants. But they’ve realized they’ve been ignoring a large demographic in Pittsburgh - Pizza Enthusiasts. 

For $3 you can grab a slice of pizza that isn’t made on site. It’s made in a pizza place in Mt. Washington. It was busy and loud and I didn’t quite catch the name and I’m sorry.

On the weekends, they get a few pies delivered to the coffee shop. They cut them up, waiting for an over-caffeinated patron to order a slice. The perfect compliment to a stomach slopping around with coffee.

Through the glass I saw a sample and it looks like something you’d eat at Il Pizzaiolo or Mercurio’s. The crust looked soft and fluffy, the ingredients fresh, and a dazzling piece of pizza that would feel at home in Naples.

I’ll have to go back for a taste next weekend.

I’m pumped more places are carrying pizza. In this dire winter I’m comforted knowing I never have to travel too far to stumble into a pizza oasis.