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Cheap City Pizza - Pizza For the People

Dan TallaricoComment

Pittsburgh is often called the “most livable city” despite rampant Vitamin D deficiency. More recently, it won second place for having the most pizza places per capita, with a total of 9.9 pizza places for every 10,000 citizens

But there’s something miss from the pizza places that dot Pittsburgh. They lack a certain style. The pizza places just don’t have a whole screen printing business attached to them. Finally, it looks like that could change.

After “acquiring” a “pizza oven” for their print shop, the printers at Common Wealth Press, Pittsburgh’s first-second-and-last-stop for shirts, decided to fantasize about an alternate reality where they opened a pizza shop.

Without hesitation they whipped up concept art for Cheap City Pizza - Pizza For the People.

Why the CCP theme? Is that an acknowledgment that everyone should have an equal amount of pizza every day? This would make sense. A one-size-fits-all type of pizza would streamline the pizza making process allowing for a slick, and greasy, efficiency.

Phone rings. Pizza is ordered. Pizza is made. Pizza is delivered. No questions. No substitutions. Just pizza.

But what sort of man would be capable of churning out pizza after pizza? Then being able to delivery that efficiency with the grace and speed of a gazelle? Well, there’s just one pizza aficionado that’s up to the task.

While Common Wealth Press may only be joking around, they’ve more than sold me on the concept. Combining a pizza shop with screen printing is the logical leap. It increases foot traffic and they can sell custom pizza bibs so you don’t spill the pizza all over your CCP shirt.

One day I hope I can phone up Common Wealth Press and order a Common Cheese with a side of shirt. Because that would be the absolutely only thing on the menu.