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Making Pizza Dough Guided by the Light of the Pizza Bible

Dan TallaricoComment
Pizza Bible Cover

I’ve recently found myself with plenty of free time and what better activity to fill those dull hours than mastering the craft of pizza? 

Pizza is a basic exercise that has been around for ages. If someone without the power of the internet could figure out how to make pizza so can you! But, having a mentor or guide helps provide much needed structure. More importantly, a good guide explains the fundamentals and the why behind making pizza.

Where to begin? How do you find a mentor? A great start is praying to the pizza gods above. Like civilizations that have relied on ethereal beings and lords to provide guidance, so too can you find inspiration and wisdom in the form of a bible. The Pizza Bible. The Pizza Bible is a spiritual novel that will guide your soul to Nirvana. And if you’re reading this, chances are that Nirvana is great pizza.


These dough balls come from the very first recipe from the book. It’s part of the “Master Class” where Tony Gemignani, the author and pizza master, explains the basics. Why use ice cold water? What’s the best flour to use? How do bags of flour differ? 

Beyond the basics, the Pizza Bible tells the story of pizzas around the region. How can you replicate a New York city pizza in your kitchen? What makes Detroit Style so great? What differentiates a Sicilian crust from a normal crust? Why would you want to use poolish?

I currently have poolish growing in my kitchen for use in some upcoming pizza experiments. Winter time always makes me crave Sicilian pizza and now I'm taking matters into my own hands. 

This Winter if you’re looking for a hobby or activity to fill the hours, try making pizza. It’s fun in groups and working your way through the Pizza Bible will sharpen your taste for pizza. You can find the Pizza Bible over at Amazon.