Pizza Walk With Me

Let's get hyped up over some pizza.

Fiori's Pizza

Fiori's completes the pizza trinity of Mineo's and Aiello's. While structurally similar, Fiori's shows an intelligent balance of flavors, cheese and coats their crust with a tasty, sweet sauce. Ultimately, I think they're one of the best pizza places in town. But what do I know?

Pizza Dojo

Will pizza dojo continue until we as a society finally discover who has the best pizza? Perhaps. At least I hope so. I'm doing my best to stoke those flames. I've done my best to document the past Pizza Dojo events. Here's video of those events.

Pizza Boat

For a while I followed Pizza Boat around Pittsburgh as they were doing some very interesting things. They're the first mobile pizza unit to enter Pittsburgh and really set a precedent. You can still find Pizza Boat around town, though not as prolific as they once were.

Slice on Broadway

Slice on Broadway is doing wonderful things in the Pittsburgh pizza scene. I head into their Beechview location to find out what's going on.

Pizza Taglio

Pizza Taglio has set a standard of quality pizza in Pittsburgh. Tony is always sending out piping hot, delicious pies with unique toppings and fresh ingredients. There's always something new happening at Pizza Taglio and should be part of your monthly pizza diet.

Pizza Pitruco

A food truck that roams the streets of Philadelphia. I talk with the owner of the track about his origin and how he got into the food truck game.

Pizza Brain in Philadelphia

I visit Pizza Brain in Philadelphia, interview a couple of the founders and eat a ton of pizza. What more could anyone want?